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Project Description

The SharePoint Application Development Toolkit (SpaDev or DevSpa) project is a collection of libraries, tools, Visual Studio templates, packages and more focused on accelerating the development of custom code for SharePoint (MOSS and WSS). This includes STSADM Extensions, Business Objects, ASP.NET-based Forms and Controls, Workflow Components, Feature Receivers and more!



  • SpaDevToolkit Core Library
    • SharePoint Business Objects - Base classes and default implementations for editing SharePoint list items through strongly-typed business object classes.
    • List Item Form Controls - Base classes for easily creating list item edit forms
    • new.gifTask Business Objects - SharePoint business objects for manipulating SharePoint tasks.
    • new.gifWorkflow Components - Value-added activities and other classes to simplify the process of creating workflows for SharePoint.
    • STSADM Extensions class
      • Quickly create and deploy custom STSADM commands.
      • Validate command parameters using validator attributes! - Validator Attribute classes allow you to add validation to your command parameters and have the Command Interpreter validate parameters automatically before the command is executed.


Use the following tools to increase your development productivity
  • spa-regsitercommands - Register the custom commands you've created with the SPaDevToolkit STSADM Extensions Library with the STSADM environment.
  • spa-displaycommamdassembly - Lists the commands that are defined in an assembly. Provides warning and errors for invalid or conflicting commands.
  • spa-unregistercommands - Unregister commands registered with spa-registercommands.


Read the following documentation to get started using the SPaDevToolkit

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